Community Love: Five Fantastic Blog Posts #1

This is a new segment on my blog, where I wrap up five of my favourite blog posts of the month! I find that this really helps me focus my blog post reading, discover what I like to read, and gives me an incentive to seek out writing that I really enjoy.

I’ll try not to use the same blogs each month to avoid being repetitive (and clogging up other people’s posts with pingbacks!) and also to encourage me to find new bloggers to read and promote!

Please check out these five fantastic bloggers and give them all of the love, because their content gets 5-Stars from me!

Reading Romance While Demisexual by CW @ The Quiet Pond

This post was incredible. Feelings are complicated and messy, and mine tend to dart out of the way before I’ve got a proper grasp on what they are. Reading this post was like someone catching hold of that feeling, digging their nails into it, and translating exactly what it was trying to say into words I can finally understand.

I’m so thankful to CW for writing this, and I highly recommend you check it out.

101 Dark Fiction Books That Aren’t By Men by Mols @ Mols by Moonlight

I can’t even imagine the time and energy it took to compile this incredible list of books – Mols, you are incredible, my friend!

There are so many books on here that I’ve added to my TBR and have on my radar to look out for, especially with autumn and winter almost upon us. I’m ready to be spooked and unsettled, and this list is exactly what anyone needs to get ready for this season.

The Girl and The Ghost Review by Kate @ Your Tita Kate

One of my favourite reviews this month was The Girl and The Ghost by Hanna Alkaf, reviewed by Your Tita Kate! I was so engrossed by this review, especially the description of the plot of The Girl and the Ghost. It hooked me so much that I immediately bought the ebook, which I rarely do (I like to at least try not to be too impulsive).

The book sounds right up my street, and Kate’s review introduced me to it, then immediately sold me on it!

Tigers in Viet Lore and Upcoming Novellas by Aentee @ Read at Midnight

My favourite thing is when I learn something new from a blog post, whether it’s a new book, or an element of history or culture that I haven’t come across before. This post was a dream, because it combined the two!

I loved the section titled How The Tiger Got Its Stripes. The tale has that perfect blend of humour, wit, and a little dose of horror that is just so unique to fairytales and folklore. Seeing how prevalent tigers are in Vietnamese idioms was also interesting, my favourite being ‘crouching tiger, coiling dragon’.

I’ll definitely be checking out When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain and Fireheart Tiger, too!

Colour the Shelves Interview With Chloe Gong by Fadwa @ Word Wanders

I love Fadwa’s blog posts so much, and have done since before I even started my blog! This edition of Colour the Shelves immediately snatched my attention because I’m so, so excited for These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong, and reading about her writing process and what she wanted to do with her story got me even more hyped.

Those are five of my favourite blog posts of this month! Please, please check them out if you’re looking for a blog to dip into.

Also feel free to comment any posts you’re particularly proud of writing this month, or that you’ve enjoyed reading. I’d love to check them out!


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