Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

Check out Vicky’s post for the official announcement and details!

Abby? Participating in a readathon? Unheard of?

Well, here I am, signing up and clocking in for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge!

I’m not usually one for read-a-thons but I’m really trying to change that in 2019, and by participating in a year-long one, maybe it’ll encourage me to try out more! This particular readathon looks like so much fun, and actually fits into a lot of my reading plans/TBR for the year, which is always beaut.

YARC was created and is hosted by the wonderful:

And the gist is to read as many books by Asian authors as you can in 2019! There are different levels depending on how many books you want to read, and I’m going for 21-30 which means my badge is…



A Malayan Tapir! How adorable is this little guy?  CW did an amazing job as always.

Of course, I have to name him so I’m going to go to the first book by an Asian author on my TBR shelf, turn to a random page and scan for a name, and that shall be his.

You ready, little guy?




The book I picked up was Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C. Dao, which is a book I’ll be definitely reading this year!

So, Gao and I will be embarking on this readathon quest to read all the Asian books in 2019!

Now, to business. This post will act as an update log for the books I read throughout the year to keep them in one place, but I’ll also be doing a separate update post every 5 books just to get my thoughts out there and not have my progress buried behind all the posts I have lined up for this year! (Do you believe me? You shouldn’t.)

images (1)


  1. Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram (25th January)

images (1)

I can’t wait to see this list grow ❤


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