Wonder Woman Book Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Books and Ravens to do the Wonder Woman book tag, which was created by Amber’s Books and More! I’m yet to watch the new Wonder Woman film but I’m so excited to watch it once it gets released on streaming sites. Nevertheless, I’ll give this tag a go!

25526296.jpg1. Wonder Woman: Your favourite badass female book character.

The answer to this would have to be from the book I have just finished in the past hour, and it is Jack from Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. She is so fresh in my mind so maybe she has an unfair advantage over other characters I’ve read but I loved her. She’s just brilliant in her intelligence and morbidity, and completely badass in a unique way.


2. Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to.

It has to be the Wizarding World. I would love to not only be at Hogwarts but somehow be best buds with Harry and hang out at Grimmauld Place with the Order of the Phoenix (I adore Remus and Sirius). Honestly, I’ve fantasised so often about being a witch at Hogwarts so there’s no other answer I could have given for this question.

15745753.jpg3. London: A hyped book that let you down.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t get the hype with this one and I very nearly DNF’ed it so many times. It wasn’t Rainbow Rowell’s writing because her other book Carry On was a 5-star book for me! I just couldn’t enjoy this one for some reason, despite how adored it is.

30091287.jpg4. Steve Trevor: A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story.

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult is a powerful book about racism in the justice system, following a black midwife accused of murdering a white supremacist’s baby and the white lawyer assigned to her case. I loved the story and that cover is stunning too, especially in hardback.


308494125. Lasso of Truth: A book you hated.

I know this was floating around blogs and Booktube recently but it was actually my dad who bought this book for me (somehow before its release date??) thinking it was my kind of thing. I really, really, did not like this book. For more of my thoughts, check out my review.


320756626. Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad you need a shield.

I’ve already used Michael Rosen’s Sad Book in the last tag I did, so I’ll go with Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab. I was so invested in the characters that the feels just hit me so much harder. You’ll definitely need tissues.


7. No Man’s Land: A book you want to send through No Man’s Land.

I had no emotional connection to these characters so wouldn’t be upset to send the book through No Man’s Land. I suppose this serves me right for buying it purely because of the cover! Review here.



8. Ares: A Villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate.

Annie Wilkes is one of my all time favourite villains. Though she is terrifying and Stephen King does an amazing job of building up the suspense around her, I found her too interesting to hate. In fact, I adapted their story for my Film Studies coursework, switching their roles. I had so much fun re-creating the scene with the pills!

29069989.jpg9. Dr. Poison: A Villain that has no reason to exist.

I’m not sure about a villain who had no reason to exist so I just went with this book because I pretend the entire thing doesn’t exist. Please don’t call this the eighth Harry Potter book. If you enjoyed it, that’s great, but I was so disappointed by it. Like a lot of other people, it just read like mediocre fan fiction to me.

1609682410. The Amazons: A book that you wish had more/better LTBT+ representation.

I feel like this will be the answer for many people. I did enjoy this story (ACOMAF especially) but you can’t deny how heteronormative it is. I know LGBTQIA+ representation was attempted in ACOWAR but it could have been so much better. I hate characters’ sexualities being used as plot twists.

11. Justice League: What superhero book friends do you tag?

Whoever is reading this, I tag you!


This tag was so fun! If you do decide to do this tag, leave a link in the comments so I can check out your answers!

And please check out Books and Ravens and Amber’s Books and More! ❤


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Book Tag

  1. Excellent answers! I want to read Very Heart A Doorway – it’s been getting some great reviews!

    And I am also not a fan of Eleanor and Park. I haven’t tries Carry On, but Rainbow Rowell’s contemporary just isn’t for me


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