Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You’d Invite to Your New Year’s Eve Party

Goodreads Group

I may have cheated and brought along some couples but hey, it’s New Year and plus ones are allowed.

5. Tyrion from A Song of Ice and Fire –

Purely because he will be hilarious in a party situation and when everything gets a little too much, I can float over to him in the corner and he’d cheer me up with his sarcastic remarks. Only downside is I’d need to make sure I’d bought enough alcohol.

4. Fred and George from Harry Potter-

My first couple. They could supply the fireworks and the laughs and if I was starting to struggle keeping everyone entertained and engaged, they would step up no problem and get the party going crazy.

3. Nikolai from the Grisha Trilogy –

Because I need someone to kiss at midnight and then laugh about it afterwards. Plus, he would just be so fun to have around at a party to keep everyone entertained and drag away any unwanted attention.

2. August and Kate from The Monsters of Verity Duology –

They would come together as friends and I imagine everyone egging them on to kiss and then August blushing bright red and kissing Kate on the cheek while she just rolls her eyes and laughs at him. I’d need to set some ground rules, though. Kate is not allowed matches and August can leave that goddamn violin at home.

1. Leonard from Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock –

Of course I’m going to invite Leonard, I love him. We’d spend the night talking and taking the occasional shot and then he’d move in. Too fast? I mean, don’t think so.


I really loved this topic! Let me know your answers in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


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