Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock Spoiler-Free Review



‘You ever feel like you’re sending out a light but no-one sees it?’

This book had me absolutely sobbing, from the first chapter to the last. It not only touched on, but fulling fleshed out problems that I can totally relate to and didn’t even know other people felt. I’m talking about Leonard’s view of adulthood, which is almost identical to my own. Because of this, I was able to completely connect with Leonard, making this book all the harder (yet somehow easier to read).
I am honestly floored with how different and clever this book is. I actually heard my heart shattering when I read the letters from the future. I envy Quick so much for coming up with such a unique and poignant idea and it worked so well.
Now onto characters: I adore Leonard’s relationships with Herr Silverman and Walt. They were so different and emotional somehow without Quick even writing long sentimental paragraphs about them. Herr Silverman really does deserve a medal for what he did. And his sleeves…
The only character I didn’t like was Lauren. Not because of her religious views, just the way she was portrayed, but that was obviously how Leonard saw her.

Another aspect of this book I love is how quotable it is without it seeming intentional.

‘Bullies are always popular. Why? Because people love power’

I just adored this book. Absolutely loved it.
I’ll leave you with this gem,

‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’

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