Feed by M.T. Anderson Spoiler Free Review


3.5 STARS!

I listened to this as an audiobook and what really struck me and irritated me was how stupid the language was. The way Titus and his friends spoke really drove me up the wall, to the point where I considered just abandoning it. It was just too much. However, I decided to carry on and I found myself actually beginning to enjoy it.

Feed is a dystopian novel set in the (surprisingly) not so far future, where people are connected to the Internet using microchips that they pay for to be implanted into their brains when they’re young. This is called The Feed. The Feed is what really sold this book to me because I just found it so interesting, sort of reminiscent of 1984 or Black Mirror, where people are completely controlled by technology and always watched. An aspect I really thought was clever by the author was the feature within The Feed with the ‘you may also like’ when someone bought something, which reminded me so much of Amazon. I suppose that it’s quite scary to be able to identify with this book.

I had a slight issue with the characters. For me, there were too many and other than Titus and Violet, they weren’t very well developed. Because of this, I was only really able to connect with Titus and Violet and I can’t really remember all of the others’ names. However, Violet’s character was brilliantly done so kind of made up for that. I loved her complex view of delayed gratification and her ideas about fighting the feed. She was badass in the quiet sense, doing things with her brain. She also had flaws that made her extremely likeable. She was my favourite character and her relationship with Titus was unique and enjoyable.

The plot, I felt, was solid up until the end of the book. I needed more resolution, perhaps a sequel, but I understand why it was left like that (maybe we’re too far gone to be resolved) and I loved the last sentence.

Overall, a good read that may be better listened to rather than read because of the extra Feed features on the audio (e.g. music and realistic broadcasts during Feed intermissions).

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